This blog does not aim to directly serve the research project of the editors or any of the contributors, although it is to an extent linked with our research interests.[1] Its objective is to help establish an open, non-for-profit community of people inside and outside academia. In this vein, our aim is to create an inclusive, entertaining and thought-provoking blog. Of course, the blog may indirectly function as a source of inspiration for new research projects and help researchers locate source material.

Thus, we have compiled a list of rules that are based on the principles of voluntary participation, informed consent as well as respect to copyright laws. In this vein, whoever uses any source material needs to provide a full citation for it. One needs to seek permission in order to reproduce an entire blog entry. We will also make every effort to credit the holders of images and works of art used on our blog. If you find any copyrighted material that has been used in error, please contact the moderators.

Publication policy

Any one may submit a blog entry, which has to be reviewed, however, by the moderating team. Contributors should mention whether they require any restrictions on the use or availability of the material contained in the blog entries they post. They are also requested to provide their real name and to provide the moderators with an email address, which will not be revealed to anyone apart from the moderating team. In case a blog reader is interested in establishing contact with the author of a blog entry, the moderators will ask the author whether s/he would like to pursue this.

Comments Policy

  • Racist, sexist or ageist comments will not be tolerated.
  • Defamatory and libellous comments will also be deleted.
  • Dismissing someone’s comments by pulling rank is not acceptable.
  • Please stay on topic.

[1] About the research profile of Nikolaos Papadogiannis, please see: http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/history/staff/nikolaspapadogiannis.html (last accessed: 14 June 2015). Dionysis Notarakis is a columnist at at the Efoplistis Maritime Magazine.

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